Forum IT Question - Bookmarking?

Started by glasman, July 30, 2011, 04:13:43 PM

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can't find a way to bookmark topics of interest and can't seem to put this post in what i think is the right forum section.can i bookmark? webmaster? thanks, vic


Your wish is my command, done :)!

Good idea, that function is not built into the forum's software but there are several "Modifications" (pre-built coding edits) available that do. So I just installed the most popular one.

  • To bookmark a thread, just go to the thread then click on "ADD BOOKMARK" button on top right menu bar above the post(s) or bottom right menu bar below post(s).

  • To view your bookmarks just mouse click to "My Bookmarks" button on top left main menu bar visible anywhere in forum.

  • To delete one of your bookmarks, open your bookmarks then tick the box on right beside a bookmark and then click "Delete Selected Bookmarks" button below your bookmarks.
INFO: There are 100's of "Mods" available for this forum's software, I try to keep them to a minimum to 1) make forum upgrades easier and 2) to minimize software bugs.


Thanks, John. I have been emailing the topics to myself as that was the only way I could figure out to do it!


Cool, I didn't even know I wanted that feature!


thanks a million...bookmarking is a real handy feature. vic